Truck on a Box on a Box on a Truck, New York City 2001.

There's a portfolio of my photographs in the new issue of Yeti. Go buy it. Buy two. You can get it at finer bookstores and magazine stands or order a copy directly from Yeti Publishing.

Chicken, Outside Death Valley, California. 2004.


Inside the book:

* SIC ALPS + EAT SKULL interview each other * THE CLEAN: a career-spanning interview with the legendary NZ pop band * VIVIAN GIRLS interviewed by Rob Simonsen * MUGSHOTS FROM 1920s AUSTRALIA: selected and introduced by archivist/author Peter Doyle * SUN CITY GIRLS: Lengthy, archival oral history (one of the very few times that the late, great Charles Gocher ever talked to a reporter) * TIM LAWRENCE on the neglected role of disco in NYC's '70s Downtown scene. * MINGERING MIKE: Eric Isaacson pays tribute to the self-taught visual artist about his newly unearthed a capella recordings * LUC SANTE: Folk Photography (incredible portfolio of hand-made postcards from the 1920s) * THOM BULLOCK: Andy Beta's hilarious & enthused interview with the roots-disco DJ, formerly of ARE Weapons and a dozen other groups * DAVID FAIR's paper-cut artwork * More!

On the CD:

Rare & unreleased tracks from: the Clean/the Great Unwashed (plus covers of Clean/ G.U. songs by Times New Viking & Crystal Stilts) * Megapuss (debut of Devendra Banhart's new band) * Sun City Girls * Frankie Rose's awesome noisy demo of the Vivian Girls' "Where Do You Run To") * Mingering Mike * Cause Co-Motion! * Eat Skull * Brothers Unconnected (Richard + Alan Bishop) * Collections of Colonies of Bees * Blank Dogs * Sad Horse * Dixon Brothers * Ilyas Ahmed * E*Rock & Mat Brinkman * Grass Widow * Way of the Ancients (Thom Bullock from Rub 'n' Tug doing a lengthy tribute to "Set Your Controls for the Heart of the Sun"!) & a few more.

Photographs: © 2008 Ted Barron