Election 1984

Columbus Day Parade, New York City, 1984.
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Here's an historical document. I made this photograph during the Columbus Day parade in 1984. A few days earlier, I had just gotten my first Leica - and high on the photographs of Garry Winogrand - I saw it as a licence to walk right into the street and make this photograph of the Democratic Party leading the parade. The power I felt with that little German camera, which I still use today, is remarkable. They are all there: Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro - front and center - flanked by Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch, Daniel Moynihan and a few others whose names escape me now. From the edges of the frame, you can see various members of the secret service having a coniption over the scraggly kid with a camera walking in front of all these politicians. They ushered me off and that was that. I'd hate to think of what would happen today, in our current semi-police state NYC. I imagine there might be some sort of detainment. I voted for all these people and this was the first Presidential election I participated in. Of course, you know the outcome, and below is a photograph made following election day. I was hopeful in that election, but young and idealistic. This time around I'm also hopeful, but I think it's gonna be different.

November To Remember, New York City, 1984.
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Photographs © Ted Barron, 2008.


3 AM Wednesday November 5, 2008 in Brooklyn
Photograph © 2008 Sean Hemmerle