World Series 1986 Game 7

Anyone who knows me, knows that I become somewhat distracted every October. These pictures were taken exactly twenty years ago this week. Of course there is the mythical Game 6 that everyone talks about. Honestly, I don't remember where I was for that one. I didn't own a TV then, so it's a fair bet that I was at a friend's apartment on the lower east side, somewhere between slightly and completly inebriated ( hence my lack of crystal clear memory of this historic upset).

I do however remember Game 7. I was at Vazac's Bar on Avenue B as was anyone else in the neighborhood who could fit inside the bar. I've been thinking about these photographs this week as I follow my team, the St. Louis Cardinals from a thousand miles away. So, here they are. Perhaps you were there.

It was a pretty fun night, if my memory serves me well.

Then of course, there was the parade the next day. It was in a word: mayhem. I'm not sure, but I think this was the inspiration for Guiliani instituting the lapse of time between the victory of the World Series and the subsequent ticker-tape parade in '96. I do remember this day quite well. It seemed as though the Mets fans had been up all night drinking before heading to lower Manhattan the following morning. It felt like a riot could break out at any moment.

All Photos © Ted Barron 1986/2006