Thursday 10/12 Greenpoint YMCA Benefit Art Auction

Supreme Trading, 213 N. 8th Street, Williamsburg, will be hosting an Art Auction to benefit the Greenpoint YMCA on Thursday, October 12, 5 pm-9pm. The Greenpoint YMCA has served the Greenpoint and Williamsburg communities since 1884. In 2005, our Y served over 4,000 youth and over 6,000 adults through variety After-School, Teen, Sports, Early Childhood, and Health & Wellness programs. Over 80% of youth attend programs for free or with financial assistance. Proceeds from the art auction will help to ensure that no one is ever turned away from our Y because of inability to pay.

With selection and hanging overseen by Elizabeth Grady of the Whitney Museum of American Art and Christian Viveros-Faune of Roebling Hall Gallery, the auction will include works by over 50 talented and relevant neighborhood artists. Original event shirts by Noel Hennessy of Saved Gallery of Art and Craft will be available.

Participating Artists:

Elaine Angelopoulos, Mike Ballou, Ted Barron, David Baskin, John Beech, Erik Benson, Sebastiaan Bremmer, Bethany Bristow, David Henry Brown, Rebecca Chamberlain, Ofri Cnaani, Chrissy Conant, Stephanie Dedes, Michael Dominick, Christoph Draeger, Jeff Feld, Jason Ferguson, Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez, Charley Friedman, Richard Garrison, Monika Goetz, Maya Haduk, Jae Hi Ahn, Amy Hill, Mike Houston, Kysa Johnson, Rosie Kanellis, David Kelleran, Jeff Konigsberg, Tom Kotik, Fawn Krieger, David Lantow, Dan Levenson, Stephen Maine, Karen Margolis, Karen Marston, Steven McClure, Liza McConnell, Dean Monogenis, Megumi Nagai, Ivan Navarro, Stephen Nguyen, Fran O’Neil, Steven Ott, Gelah Penn, Jason Peters, Deborah Pohl, Peter Scott, Raphael Shirley, Guy Richards Smit, Mike Peter Smith, Roy Stanfield, Adam Stennett, Eve Sussman, Eugenie Tung, Robert Walden