Washington Square Serenade

This spring I had the pleasure of hanging out and making pictures at Electric Lady Studios for Steve Earle while he was recording Washington Square Serenade. Here's a look at the deluxe edition from New West Records which contains some of the photos we made there, as well as a DVD and liner notes by Anthony DeCurtis. When we turned on the photo lamps in the studio, the psychedelic mural that Jimi Hendrix commissioned for the studio came to life and Steve was excited by the prospect of making a portrait in front of this mural. When he saw the photograph, he likened it to a "psychedelic WPA photo." I think he's right and it's pretty cool as are many of the other photographs which I will post either here or at my homepage when I get around to updating and revamping that site. By the way, the record is great. It's a departure from his usual approach and was produced by Dust Brother John King.

all photos: © Ted Barron, 2007.
Steve Earle and Allison Moorer at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.